Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Legion is proving to be a time to get weird with it, so let's go ahead and do that...

First, let me apologize for recent lack of updates. I fully expected to have a lot more to report over the past couple of weeks, but for reasons that will soon become clear I was put in a situation where I felt like I needed to evaluate a few things before I knew how to proceed.

I started the expansion with a very clear plan of how I wanted to progress, the Mythic+ dungeons provided a scaling challenge that would (I thought) be an excellent way to enjoy boxing. Unfortunately, boxing a mixed group like the one I detailed in my previous post was untenable at best. Running casters just isn't going to cut it in Mythic+ Dungeons. Why?

The basic problem is there's just too much shit on the floor(s). Dungeon encounters have gotten increasingly complex, with many AOE mechanics. And just healing/casting through the damage isn't really an option. So, moving the team regularly to avoid damage means a lot of missed damage.

Then there's the question of rewards, more AP and armor with random stats. Yeah, it means a pretty solid shot at legendaries; which also might not even be usable by that character if they've angered RNGesus. So, it's a lot of extra work and investment for a crap shoot of a reward.

I didn't mention this above, but there is the slight annoyance of juggling five completely different Order Halls. Which is pretty trivial at a certain point, but early on is a real pita. Knocking World Quests down is super easy, but those peak pretty quickly. I had a full set of 840+ gear within 24 hours of hitting 110. After that it's back to praying at the altar of RNG for Warforged/Titanforged upgrades or just grinding out the class gear. And since I play on a PVE server, it's not like I can just go wreck Horde in Aszuna or something. So, what are my options?

Well, for boxing there's really only two right now thanks to the mechanical constraints of Mythics. Tank, Heals, 3 BM Hunters - Bleh...

Or the taunt it till it dies option of five tanks, which has proven so far to be the best option. Wait, what?

Yeah, you read that right. People are boxing with five tanks to do Mythics. Either five Protection Paladins or 4 Blood DKs and a Prot Paladin. It's actually more efficient to use the Prot Pali to heal than Holy to heal in this situation, I kid you not. The main advantage is that you can trade around the plate to get the best stats on the character you want to stand out. I think if I was tanking in a raiding guild, this might be an attractive option early in the expansion (think the first two weeks), but we're past the point where that would've been truly appealing.

I really thought long and hard about it, I've definitely got the Paladins and DKs to make it work if I wanted. And there was something very appealing about the prospect of going all Ric Flair on some dungeons. Ultimately though, I find this option really unsatisfying. So, what's the compromise?

I'm honestly leaning toward hanging up my boxing spurs for the time being as a result of this and going back to focusing on my main set of characters, with Khaas at the top of the pile. That, or resign myself to muddling through the content with my team, farming old raids and crap. But, honestly I don't think that option is likely. So, for now at least, I'm consolidating my forces to a single wow account and potentially looking for a new guild, since playing with myself doesn't look like the satisfying option it once was...


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