Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It seems odd to say that patch 7.1 is here, I mean wasn't Legion just released? Yeah, well it was released at the end of August, so two months ago. On the surface, that really does seem to be a pretty quick release for an update. First of all, I don't think this means we should expect to see 7.2 dropping in time for Christmas. It does however demonstrate Blizzards seeming comitment to the idea of delivering regular, substantial content in this expansion unlike in Draenor.

So, what do we get in 7.1? Well for starters we get the new five man version of Karazhan. Not only does it bring new gear, but also some mounts, toys, and other goodies to enjoy. Actually, it's a perfect Halloween surprise as far as I'm concerned. There's also some quality of life changes, like the Blood of Sargeras trader which should have a moderating effect on the Auction House.

There's class changes, PVP changes, profession changes, etc. And there's even a small raid being added. All in all, a pretty robust patch. You can learn more specifics on the WOWHEAD Patch 7.1 Survival Guide. So, what else is new?

Last week I joined Gnomeland Security, a casual raiding guild that so far feels like a good fit. I'm not raiding with them or anything yet. But, so far I'm enjoying the atmosphere, it's certainly made for a less lonesome experience. That also means of course that I've allowed my other accounts to expire, I'm now focused on my main set of twelve. Currently I have my Death Knight and Shaman at 110, with my Demon Hunter and Warlock leveling up at a fair pace. I've already gotten both the Havoc and Vengeance Artifacts.

I'll burn through the remaining levels on the Demon Hunter this week, then refocus on the Warlock. I've decided to split things up and alternate between different armor classes to keep things interesting. So, after this initial round I'll likely switch to

Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage

Then finally...

Paladin, Druid, Monk, Priest

They've all got their first artifact weapons, and they're getting rested experience. I'm developing a pretty solid strategy for leveling the alts quickly and efficiently that I'll likely share later. And with a tightened focus, I've decided to refine my goals for this expansion. That I DEFINITELY will be talking about in more depth soon, I think it's a conversation worth having, because when the content dries up we all need something to do, amirite?


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