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It's the final countdown, Legion is almost here and a lot of new and returning players have questions...

Recently a lot of people, some which I had no idea had even a passing interest in World of Warcraft have approached me with a variety of questions concerning the latest expansion, Legion. I've spent months preparing for this expansion, though my considerations are going to be a bit different from the average WOW player as I'm considering full group/raid composition for my veritable army of alts. Still, I have to give it up to Preacher for his analysis in the video series "Choosing a Class for Legion" which I've provided below.

If you're login screen(s) looks like this, you're going to need to ask yourself the tough questions for this expansion because mass alt playing really isn't going to be feasible if you want to maintain a high level of performance/gear score.

Not only are these two videos highly valuable for the decision making process, but he has done more detailed analysis of each class/spec in the game. Which is HUGE for anyone still on the fence at this late hour, because let's be honest you're not going to be dicking around in Beta right now figuring out what you want to play. As my old friend Aahz once said, "The time is right!" in this case, not to ninja pull and wipe the raid but to make a decision.

I think the first question to ask yourself is what you want to do in World of Warcraft. What are your goals? Both short term and long term. It may sound silly, but it's actually pretty important. People become invested in the characters they play in MMOs. I created Khaas on November 13th, 2008. But, I actually FIRST created Khaas when I started dual-boxing EverQuest many, many years ago. So, when you find out that I'm going to be dual-boxing a Death Knight and Shaman in Legion initially, you'll understand that's not exactly earth shattering news as first blush.

Look back at the beginning of the year however and it was a very different story. If you'd asked me even a few months ago, I would've said that my Warrior and Priest were going to be the ones palling around. But in April I started playing the Alpha, and learned to love the Death Knight all over again. In the months that followed, healing changed dramatically for all of the classes. I landed on the Shaman for several reasons, specifically because it offered me the most overall utility and ease of use for both healing and DPSing with elemental spells, but again my needs are more specific than those of the average player.

One question a friend asked me just yesterday in fact involved tanking vs healing, it's pretty common knowledge at this point that if you're able to do either of these you'll have an easier time when it comes to random queing for LFD and LFR. If this is a deciding factor for you, then understand this narrows your pool of choices down a bit. There are now six tanking classes and five healing. If you want the luxury of going both ways, that narrows the field even more.

Druids, Paladins, Monks these are the classes capable of both tanking and healing. Death Knights, Warriors, and the latest addition the Demon Hunter are all capable of both tanking and melee DPS, but completely lacking in both ranged as well as healing capabilities. With each copy of Legion you'll get a free level 100 boost, but it should be noted you'll also be getting a level 100 Demon Hunter after you spend roughly 30-45 minutes in their starting zone.

So, if you're completely new you may want to make a Demon Hunter for tanking and melee DPS, then consider a Healer/Ranged DPS character for your 100 boost. Hmm, the plot thickens. If you're wanting to get the best out of it, this is what I personally would do. You'll have to wait until you've used your boost to make your Demon Hunter on a completely fresh account of course, it requires you have a level 70 character at minimum.

Follow those videos from Preacher, and I think you'll have a good idea of what you want to play. Remember though, there's going to be a lot of Demon Hunters. This means a lot of people who don't really know how to tank, but TOTALLY want to look rad while dying. This could definitely affect your choice (tank ques are going to suck until the flavor of the month class dies down a bit, and healers are going to have to wade into the waters of fuckery with people who have more chest tattoos than situational awareness).

That aside, once you've figured out what you want to play, then what?

Once you've made your character, you'll probably want to start hitting up the Legion Invasion sites. Currently, there are three active at a time, though this is likely to increase soon. The way it works is that every two hours, on the hour a new set of sites is active (the frequency is also likely to increase), Demons begin attacking one of those six sites (Westfall, Dun Morough, Hillsbrad, Azshara, Tanaris, and Northern Barrens). If you've been away from the game, get a port to Shrine in Pandaria, and set your hearth there. From the Innkeeper go out the door, and up the stairs (take the left hand flight of stairs) into a room with a bunch of portals. From here you can reach any of the invasion sites quickly. The invasions take about 15-20 minutes each to complete, and reward you with chests containing ilvl 700 gear and currency you can use to buy more gear and limited time pets from special vendors.

It's not ABSOLUTELY necessary, but it's nice to have the collection of appearances, and it's definitely nice upgrades for a freshly minted character. You'll be able to fully kit out your character in a day, don't forget to complete the quest in your home city too, this will give you a ring and a weapon, as well as getting you ready for launch day, because this is the beginning parts of the artifact quest chain that everybody needs to do. These actually function almost identically to the Rift Invasion events if you're at all familiar with that game.

I HIGHLY recommend getting this AddOn for the Invasion events.

If you're going completely fresh, I'd advise getting Mining/Herbalism right now. You don't have to level it up because of the way the professions work in Legion, but you'll make some serious gold selling the materials you don't need to other people in the first few weeks of the game. Once prices normalize, switch to whatever profession(s) you want. And craft yourself a full set of the new armor/weapons. Then of course, take the excess Blood of Sargeras to the Obliterum Forge and upgrade that shit.

As for what professions are good? All of them, basically. I mean, really if you're a plate user and you go Tailoring, then you do you man. But generally, of course if you're making armor you may want to stick with the kind of armor that the character can actually use. Even Smiths can make mounts now, so yeah. Me, I'm covering the bases.

DK is Blacksmith/Enchanting.
Shaman is Alchemy/Leatherworking.
Hunter is Mining/Engineering.
Warlock is Inscriptions/Tailoring.
Mage is Jewelcrafting/Tailoring.

And I've got another team that's going to be farming mats (Skinning/Enchanting on the tank, and Mining/Herbalism on everyone else).

And for those specifically looking to join me as I cleave demon balls in twain, you can find me on Staghelm (Alliance). Just look me up as Khaas#1502 on or ask anyone in the guild SRS Business. Odds are about 1:1 it'll be me. And if you have more questions about getting started in Legion, ask.


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