Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Two more weeks before the release of Legion, are you prepared?

There's never really enough time or resources, this is one of those imitable truths in life. And so it goes with Legion, at first I was underwhelmed (a symptom of WOD if I'm honest). Then I became excited, my time in Alpha only sharpened my interest. Alpha gave way to Beta, then before I knew it the Garrison shuffle died, 7.0 dropped. Then Demon Hunters went live. Now, we're only a couple of weeks from the official launch of the expansion. One might think I'm just waiting for the expansion at this point, but that's not entirely true. But to understand that, we need to talk about my plans and strategy for the expansion.

Last week I went over my thoughts on my team, which looks very different than it did when I started boxing again at the beginning of the year. I've swapped the Warrior for my trusty Death Knight, Khaas. I've dropped my Priest heals for a Dwarf Shaman, Hashut. In terms of DPS, that's pretty much interchangeable, since I've got 1 of everything either at 100, or well on it's way (more on that in a minute). Right now though, I'm focusing on my tank and healer accounts, because I'm not going to be hitting the ground running a full five when Legion drops.

I've decided to duo my way to 110 initially, the main reason is that I've done the full five to max in the past. During Wrath I did that with a DK and Shamans, and it broke me. Those collection quests brought the experience to a standstill. With 2-3 characters, it's not as bad, and no, I know... it's not as bad anyways due to changes Blizz has made. Still, there are those choke points along the way, there always will be. Where questing with a full five becomes a slog.

Expect plenty of shots like this in the future...
Additionally, I want time to really play around with my UI and setup on the two main accounts before I start adding the supporting DPS accounts. Because let's be honest, 3 DPS are just going to burn through those levels. And who knows, I may end up loving a different tank or healer for boxing once I get into it, so this gives me a chance to really finalize things. I'm still pretty confident in my choices though. I've also been working out some DPS rotation(s) for my healers, not just for levelling and World Quests, but for dungeons as well. With the Mythic+ difficulty system implementation, I can see having a little extra damage coming in really handy.

With the Legion Invasions going on, I've been taking advantage. My Dwarf (Healer) account was my previous Tank account, so I've been getting it in order. My Shaman was pretty bare, but I got him a full set of ilvl 700 gear from the event in a day. I'm in the process of renaming those characters as well, and remaking in the event that they just happen to be the wrong race. Hence the screenshot of my newly minted priest Abraxus above. As of this writing he's level 70 from a combination of Invasions and Pet Battles. I've already levelled a Resto Druid to 100 using the Invasions, and a handful of other characters are nearing max as well.

You bet your ass I made a Demon Hunter...
When I'm not filling the stable with fresh 100s (which honestly the Stable's nearly full), I've been collecting Transmog gear. For Khaas that meant continuing the trend of embracing class fantasy, but for everyone else it's a little more involved. The real problem being that I played my Death Knight exclusively for so long, that he had a ton of nice mog gear around in the first place.

Dark Souls counts as class fantasy, right? If you're a Death Knight, yes...
I'm going to have to spend some time working up a good set for my Shaman, I have something that works right now. But I think I can do better, we'll see. I'm going to be giving all of my tanks and healers some serious attention when it comes to the wardrobe, I suspect I'll be running some Siege of Org, etc very soon. Anyhow, that's all for now. Check back next week, when I'll be taking stock and talking more about my last minute preparations for Legion. Yes, I'm prepared, but one can always be more prepared...


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