Sunday, January 10, 2016

Double Teamed

As I write this it's January 10th, it's been exactly a month since my last post, at the time I had just started boxing again in World of Warcraft, and unless you've been following me on Twitter you might be wondering where I'm at with the whole thing. If so, read on...

Initially I was playing a mixed team, a Warrior, Shaman, Lock, Hunter, and Priest. I got these guys and gals to 60 before I realized there were a few changes I wanted to make. First off, I decided to drop the Shaman from my main group. I decided instead that I wanted a Mage in the group. I also decided to pay some serious attention to my group's professions. Since I hadn't really gotten anywhere, I decided to literally delete everyone and start over. But don't let that fool you, I've gotten a lot accomplished.

This is basically what my screen looks like when I log in, click an image for a better look...

I remade my Warrior, Priest, Hunter, Warlock, and Mage (all as Humans this time), I also started plotting out secondary teams. With RAF and my new Heirlooms being figured into the equation I realized I could realistically level from 1-60 on a team in a few hours. So, I made a Death Knight. A Druid, a Monk, and a Paladin. And while I was feeling frisky, I decided to seriously consider adding another set of accounts so I could ten box raids...

I'm not interested in going above ten characters simultaneously, for raiding I've come up with two teams. As of this writing the first team is level 100 and the second is level 90 and resting.

This is my main team, there will be times where the secondary set of characters won't be active. This set however is where most of the action is.

Dazhbog Prot Warrior (OS Arms) [Blacksmithing | Enchanting]
Devanna BM Hunter (OS Marks) [Engineering | Leatherworking]
Marmora Destro Warlock (OS Affl) [Inscriptions | Tailoring]
Vecher Fire Mage (OS Frost) [Jewelcrafting | Tailoring]
Koleda Disc Priest (OS Holy) [Alchemy | Tailoring]

These guys bring me more DPS and more flexibility, I may not care for Ele in my normal line up but for raiding it seems like a solid choice. Though I also plan to level a Hunter as a stand in for those fights where just a little extra damage is called for.

Titus Prot Paladin (OS Retribution) [ Enchanting | Jewelcrafting ]
Medeine Ele Shaman (OS Resto) [ Alchemy | Tailoring ]
Mokosh BM Hunter (OS Marks) [ Alchemy | Tailoring ]
Sieba BM Hunter (OS Marks) [ Alchemy | Tailoring ]
Rusalki Disc Priest (OS Holy) [ Alchemy | Tailoring ]

This raid force allows me to maximize damage potential, as well as allowing the flexibility needed to really adapt to specific situations. Of course, there's also my additional teams which add even more flexibility as potential subs when needed.

SRS 1 and 2 are my main force, I consider them to be two parts of the same team. For secondary teams, I have a template following the rules of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid: Tank, DPS, Heals). The secondary teams are as follows...

Khaas Blood DK (OS Frost) [ Enchanting | Jewelcrafting ]
Archangelô, Archangelõ, Archangelo Destro Warlock (OS Aff)
Emeritüs Disc Priest (OS Holy)

Berstuk Guardian Druid (OS Balance) [ Enchanting | Skinning ]
Berstúk, Berstùk, Berstûk Balance Druid (OS Feral)
Berstük Resto Druid (OS Balance)

Fujimora Brew Monk (OS WW) [ Enchanting | Tailoring ]
Pantsù, Pantsú, Pantsû BM Hunter (OS Marks)Pantsü Disc (OS Holy)

The patriarchy in action...
 All other characters are Alchemy | Tailoring for their professions, except for my AH mule Madof, he's Herbalism | Mining. As a quick note, I chose this type of redundant profession method because frankly after the first team I've got pretty much every profession covered. So, after that it's all about what professions can I use to make more gold/make my life easier. Tailoring is a pretty obvious one, as I can make 30 slot bags for days. And alchemy for transmutes, though it's hardly worth it for Savage Bloods, someday maybe it'll Transmute Mastery will be en vogue again, either way I'm sure there will be opportunities in Legion for someone with 30+ transmutes available per day, even if I'm not proccing bonus whatever.

I'll probably set up another team for my future Demon Hunter, but we'll see... For now, this is how things look. They offer me more versatility in general, offering some extra DPS options for my raiding group as well as expanding tanking options. I can sub my Warrior for a DK for example if I end up in a very magic heavy fight that favors the class to the extreme. I've also used the RAF levels to boost a set of alts on my Warrior's account, so presumably on single tank fights I could add another Hunter, or anything for that matter as I need.

For now, I'm busy burning through my RAF time. Getting my teams levelled and or geared. I hit 100 on my main team on Thursday, so they're sitting out building up resources to finish out their Garrisons. While they build up I'll be levelling my second team, they're 90 now and have been resting. Once they max out (later this week) I'll be back on my secondary teams milking that sweet, sweet RAF experience for all it's worth. I shouldn't have any problems getting those teams to 90 before the period is over, if not 100 on each of them. Either way, things are looking good and I'm having fun. Next post I'm going to go over some of the logistics I'm working on, because that's a big part of boxing and moreso when you're talking about raiding. Hopefully I'll have some video footage of my first steps into current content as well. If you have questions or comments, feel free. Otherwise, game on...


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