Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This week I knocked out my first Heroic run with the new guild and brought over my first alt for the team, so what else is new...

So, for the first part... let's get caught up. Raiding with the new guild is honestly very laid back, it's the experience I was looking for. We raid twice per week, day 1 we cleared all the way to Gul'dan. Got a few attempts on him before calling it a day. Next morning, came back and knocked him and Botanist out. I really wasn't expecting much in terms of loot, but holy hell...

I'm gonna go take a shit...

Yeah, I pretty much ended up with a full set of Heroic tier from that run. I just need Legs to finish the four piece Heroic (got the Normal ones Monday), and I'm not using the Cloak or Hood. I snagged a couple of other pieces as well, like a trinket that was loads better than what I had at the time. I and a few others managed to get Ahead of the Curve from the Gul'dan kill. Which was one of my goals this time around, so I'm happy.

Now, on to the topic of the butter brigade... I decided to bring over my Paladin first, as I'd already started leveling him again, he was sitting at 104 with full rested experience. And with his new role in my roster, I'd rather get him over before anyone else really.

I will slaughter them like a wolf among lambs - the seas will run red with the blood of my enemies!

Tamberlain in addition to being a Mount farming alt is also my main Tailor and Leatherworker, which means while I'm tabbed out writing this for example he's mass crafting bags to list on the AH and Silkweave Bracers to either Disenchant or Obliterate as the market dictates. I've also juggled some duties and professions around a bit, consolidating further and just making the whole thing a little less convoluted.

My Death Knight for example, now known as Nerghull is my Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter, meaning he's all about the Ore. I get ore on a farmer or just randomly on an alt, I send it to him for processing. Similarly, I send Leather, Cloth, or similar crafting goods to Tamberlain. Enchanting materials and items that needs to be either Disenchanted or Obliterated go to my Demon Hunter, Bhelial. Similarly, Herbs now go directly to my main for processing as Czernovog has dropped enchanting for Alchemy.

My Hunter and my Druid are the oddballs, the Hunter is my Engineer, and is ultimately self-sufficient with mining. My Druid is just a material farmer, and sends Ore/Herbs to the appropriate characters for processing. Everybody else is making bags and disenchanting bullshit as it drops.

The Butter Brigade
1. Death Knight - Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting
2. Demon Hunter - Enchanting/Skinning
3. Druid - Herbalism/Mining
4. Hunter - Engineering/Mining
5. Mage - Enchanting/Tailoring
6. Monk - Enchanting/Tailoring
7. Paladin - Leatherworking/Tailoring
8. Priest - Enchanting/Tailoring
9. Rogue - Enchanting/Tailoring
10. Shaman - Enchanting/Tailoring
11. Warlock - Alchemy/Inscriptions - Main
12. Warrior - Enchanting/Tailoring

Concessions had to be made with naming conventions, and I decided to switch races on a couple of characters. My Rogue is now a Goblin for example, and my Monk is a Pandaren. And my Death Knight is switching to Undead. Even my usual guild name has been taken, yeah Tichondrius is a real shake up for me. But I'm okay with it actually, I think it was really time for a change.

So, short term it's all about establishing myself in new markets. I'm going to keep generating gold and using that gold to move characters over, my next target will be my Death Knight, since he's already 110 with several legendaries. My Demon Hunter will be staying where he is for now, I've decided to just remake him since they start at level 100 anyway. Leveling should be a breeze now that I know the class better and I definitely have a better leveling routine down. In fact, I'll likely be boosting most of the rest of my characters using RAF (again), with the exception of my Hunter. That leaves over half my character select screen on Arthas though, so what to do there?

Most likely I'll be moving those characters to different servers over time to really push my gold ring, but we'll talk more about that later after some serious road testing. In the spirit of change and fresh starts and all that, I've also decided to change it up here a bit as well. As you'll see below, but that's it for this week. See you soon...


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