Monday, March 14, 2016


It recently occurs to me that I haven't really been keeping up with this as much as I'd like, so time for an update. What exactly have I been up to?

So, first thing is first - until further notice I've decided not to ten box. In Legion that may very well change, I don't know. For the moment however, I'm refocusing on my primary account(s). Having said that, I decided to clean things up a bit and decide what I actually want and where.

I decided I wanted to get one of each class on each of the five accounts across Staghelm, additionally I wanted to knock out the Stay Classy achievement for my guild. So, I divided the accounts by race. Humans on the first, Dwarves on the second, then Gnomes, Night Elves, and Draenei on the fifth. Of course, what about Worgen and Pandarens? Yeah, there is that to think about. And it makes me sad, I really am not super excited about those. More on that in a bit.

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This offers me some serious flexibility, and of course means I can farm on an industrial level once complete. For the months between now and Legion I'll have 60+ Garrisons running missions for gold. Yeah, that adds up pretty quick...


This has always been my major strategy, having loads and loads of alts. Though, now I've moved on to another level entirely. But what about the second set of level 100s I've levelled and Azuremyst?

This is becoming an overflow server really. I intend to move my extra 100s here, with the exceptions of the Shaman. She will be moving to account 5. And I will be moving a Hunter to her place on Azuremyst (I've really built up a LOT of extras while boosting). Additionally, I've decided I want to use those left over accounts for some Horde characters, I will be using these to boost myself and others (for appropriate compensation) through the Warlord of Draenor title and the requisite Nemesis kills. Yeah, as I think about it there's actually quite a bit outside of boxing raids to keep me occupied while I wait for Legion...

You might also recall the stock of boosted plate wearers on my main account, I've been putting them to good use. Aside from farming Shadowmourne (which they're all doing now). I've also decided to utilize the excess storage these represent, for example Drenton now operates my Transmog business. As my AH empire grows, I find it exceedingly useful to segregate the various aspects of my empire. Drenton's the soul member of the guild Void Storage, which allows me to hold massive amounts of transmog gear for dissemination either to my alts or the AH.

All I know is he wears a lot of purple for a white guy (I should've named him Phantomas).

Drenton is essentially my arms and armor dealer, as my stockpile grows for Legion I'm sure I'll be making good use of these other characters very shortly. Meanwhile, I've been doing some revision on my UI. Ultimately, I want something clean and compact.

So far so good...
I'm going to burn through some 5 mans this week to unlock the level 3 Tavern, so keep an eye on Twitter as I'll likely be streaming as I hit up a few dungeons.


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