Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Were you prepared? Time to say goodbye to the gold printing machine that was the Treasure Missions of Draenor...

Today marks the release of the Legion prepatch, I'm not going to go into the technicalities wowhead and mmo-champion are still a thing after all. If you're unsure what's changed, I highly recommend checking them out for up to date information. Today I'd like to talk specifically about the transition from Draenor to Legion, what it means for me and gold making in general.


I don't won't bury the lead here, but I opened over 2000 Big Crate of Salvage yesterday. I thought about making an Unboxing video on YouTube of this process, but in the end I decided to say screw it and just post the numbers here.

Raw Gold - 7162
This was calclulated after vendoring grey items and selling the minion upgrade tokens, which as of today are basically worthless.

Notable Items
Avool's Sword of Jin, Je'Tze's Sparkling Tiara, Bone-Framed Bracers, Zom's Electrostatic Cloak
Teebu's Blazing Longsword, Namlak's Supernumerary Sticker, The Night Watchman, Erorus' Ledger of Trade, and of course Scarlet Gauntlets (I think I may have an actual complete set of this now).

Of those, the Blazing Longsword is of course the one I think I'll actually make some gold with. The big deal though is the transmog items, my goal was to save up and unlock the Fabulous title on patch day. Additionally of course there was quite a bit of crafting items left over as well. Around 4 stacks of each. Which, I'll take. Especially since they're all expensive as hell on the Trading Post vendor now. Which of course brings me neatly to...

Obviously, there's a ton of changes to the garrison in 7.0, most of the old tricks for getting gold out of the place are gone. The ones that are left have been nerfed in some way or another. Follower tokens have had their vendor price reduced, as have many other items, most notably the Alchemy trinket and the tickets from the Inscription daily. Gold rewards from the JC daily have been turned into Garrison Resources instead of gold. So... fun.

There's not a huge amount of time between now and Legion, so a lot of people are probably taking time off. For those of us sticking around waiting to create their Demon Hunters, there's still some options for making gold.

Prior to the patch my garrisons followed the same basic template:

Old Template
Large - Barracks, Dwarven Bunker
Medium - Trading Post, Lunarfall Inn
Small - Storehouse, Salvage Yard, Profession Building

New Template
Large - Mage Tower, Stables
Medium - Trading Post, Barn
Small - Storehouse, Tailoring Emporium, Scribe's Quarters/Alchemy Lab

I'm still going to be making Sorcerous Earth's for Hexweave Bags for a while. I'll also be making the bags until they're no longer profitable. But the bigger one is the Scribe's Quarters, though the daily quest has been nerfed, card flipping hasn't. I already make quite a few cards every week, but with this change I'll be piling them to the rafters. Which is frankly the only way to do it with these things, after I exhaust my supply of pigments though I'll probably be switching to Alchemy for those characters as well. I have a lot of alts that won't be leaving the Garrison anytime soon.

I'll be taking out teams of five to stock up on Fur though, and with the Tower/Stables getting around should be little problem even for the groups that don't have a pocket mage. As for how I'll be making gold in general after Legion actually releases? I guess we'll have to wait and see. But rest assured, I'm not going anywhere. My little army is definitely read to bring the fight to the Burning Legion...


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