Tuesday, May 17, 2016


It's been a while and you could be forgiven for thinking I simply quietly left the game entirely, I haven't. So, what have I been up to? Let's find out...

As mentioned previously I'm still in the process of consolidating and organizing my forces on my new home, Staghelm. When I figured out just who exactly I wanted to move from my previous server (Blackhand), I decided on bringing the following: My Death Knight, Warrior, Priest, and Hunter.

That leaves my Monk, Druid, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Mage on Blackhand. For now, they're just generating gold for wow tokens and pets. And I'm okay with that. I'm sure they'll trickle off to join me later, but I'm sure they'll stay put until either Blizzard lowers the price of transfers (if they offered a bulk transfer option I'd be all for it) or some time after Legion is released.

Anyhow, both my Death Knight and Warrior have already been moved. My hunter will be coming with his Legendary bow a bit later, and my priest with his rare recipes will follow. Meanwhile, I decided to trim my focus to 3 accounts, I will be playing this when Legion launches. After I'm well established, I'll play catch up with the remaining 2. Ergo, when I'm ready to transfer the Hunter and Priest I'll start working on that mess of alts.

I decided that my consolidation would also be a simplification; along with a few other words that end in tion. Allow me to explain...

I play with a small pocket sized notebook on my desk, it's an old habit but one I swear by. I keep notes as I go. When you create a character, you have a series of options to choose from for the characters appearance. I decided to note the corresponding numbers to each choice, so I can make all of my minions identical. Of course, no single race can be EVERY class in the game. So, I had to do this for Humans, Night Elves, and Draenei. Additionally, I chose names by class. Deciding that each game license would have a special character relating to it.

So, my little list ended up looking like this:
Khaas [ HU / DK]       
Berstuk [ NE / DRU ]
Hraban [ NE / DH ]
Euron [ HU / HU ]
Esmer [ HU / MA ]
F├╝taba [ HU / MO ]
Titus [ HU / PAL ]
Emeritus [HU / PR ]
Delvin [ HU / ROG ]
Horaxe [ DR / SHM ]
Veknus [ HU / WL ]
Arbaal [ HU / WAR ]

NOTE: There's more options for Death Knights and especially Demon Hunters, so I had to make some special notes for them.

6, 1, 1, 5, 2

14, 3, 3, 5, 1, 21, 2, 10

Yeah, seriously it's that different.

So, armed with the recipe for success I got to work. I'm nearly finished boosting my guys to 90 on these three accounts. There are of course a issues here and there, a handful of level 100s that don't conform to the new system. These will of course be dealt with in time. The names are fine, but there's the Draenei Paladin that will end up a Human, eventually. There's the Dwarf Shaman that will of course be a Draenei. And the two Hunters that will eventually be human, and in one case will be going male, as will a Warlock (though she's already Human). But, that's going to wait as well.

Playing some games obviously, and not just WOW. The new Hearthstone expansion was released and I actually like the new format pretty well. Last week's Tavern Brawl was especially amusing.

The largest C'thun I've gotten so far, super effective at baddie rank.
Speaking of Tavern Brawl, favorite brawl ever.

I actually enjoyed some constructed play, I took a page from wowhobbs's book and made a Cho based mill deck that's been pretty fun. I also made a deck I call Bubbles, a Paladin / Murloc deck (surprisingly effective). And of course, my latest darling... Darwin, an Evolve deck.

So far so good Darwin.
Cho show? Yes, yes indeed.

Okay, cool you played some cards what about WoW?

My I've been mostly focused on boosting alts, but I have been busy elsewhere. First, I'm to announce I finally finished the Stay Classy achievement and unlocked my 8th guild tab.

Baxter approved.

I finished a couple of more Shadowmournes, with actually a not insignificant amount in the que for future sale. There's been a fair amount of competition of late, so I've been moving the stuff by undercutting deep (about 100k per set of goodies, normally I get about 200).

The bird is the word

Yeah, that gives me both mounts from Firelands. I STILL haven't seen the hammer from Rag though. In other farming news...

I've been working on my stockpile for Legion, moving copies of my Horde guild to Staghelm has supplied me with some extra space. As well as a LOT of items I want on hand for the big day. I've decided to stop production on bags at 8 tabs. I'll keep a single tab in my main guild, that should cover all of my alts. The other 7 are in one of my stockpile guilds, and should make me a pretty penny when all those Demon Hunters decide 20 slot bags are bullshit.

With enough bags we can carry all of the things.
Good deal, would deal again.

I also noticed something in trade chat that pique my interested recently, someone selling a load of pets for 330k. Doing a bit of quick work on the Undermine Journal I realized I could buy the lot, and sell off the ones I already had to break even, while adding some good rare pets to my collection. I'm not a huge pet collector by any means. But, realizing I could score not only a good deal, but also some good TCG pets that will likely only go up in value, I jumped on it. I've since sold the doubles, and surprise I'm actually up 10K. I always liked buying in bundles like this, but it's so rare to find good ones these days. Now, if you stuck around this long time for the big payoff...

I'd like to take a moment to thanks the folks at Tell Us a Story, the Alliance guild on Staghelm who recently hooked me up with a Moose run. Not only did this give me an opportunity to check out my UI in a 25 man setting (spoiler, worked fine). It also got me some goodies. Next week they'll be taking me through Mythic Blackhand for the Destroyer mount, and after that likely the CM Gold runs for XMog weapons and if my math is correct I should be getting a new Spider just as soon as Legion drops...

It's really coming together nicely.

Call me Teddy


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