Wednesday, June 24, 2015


After an extended absence I'm back, I've only been up and running for little more than a week but already I've got plenty to report. First, let's cover the reason for my absence and my subsequent return...

The last time I built myself a new computer was somewhere between 2006-2008, that computer died about 2 years ago during a late night storm. I replaced it last year with a rig I picked up from Craigslist, that PC died a couple of months ago. So, I resolved to build myself a new machine. Actually, I'd been planning to build a new PC for some time but it just never happened, after the most recent failure though it was most definitely time.

My plan is to build two machines, one high powered computer that will do the bulk of the heavy lifting for gaming, video editing, etc. And the other a much more modest machine that will be doing some light gaming, streaming, and video transcoding. I started with the second rig, as serious mistakes here would be easier to handle in general. I also just wasn't sure about the case I'd chosen and really wanted to come to grips with the internal dimensions before I committed to a large video card, etc. I decided against colored lights, I wanted to showcase the clean interior and color matched parts. So, basic white LEDs did the trick. I'll be making a more in depth post about this and the other computers in my ongoing "Ghostwheel" project. For now, here's some shots of the finished product, I call it SPECTRE.

And here's a look at my current desktop, I blatantly stole this from Logan at Tek Syndicate. Who in turn blatantly stole it from Paul Chadeisson. You can find more of Paul's work on his DeviantArt page (there's more than just furry tentacle beasts on DeviantArt, who knew).

Currently I'm running my machine on a modest Overclock, I'm running 4.6GHz stable on air. You might think that with only 8 gigs of ram and the 270 I'd be at a disadvantage for gaming, but so far everything has run quite smoothly. I play at 1080p, currently on an ACER monitor that I'm looking to upgrade later this year. With my current configuration the computer is also incredibly quiet, I'm using NZXTs CAM software to control the 4 be quiet! branded fans, these ramp up depending on the load on the system. The Noctua fan I've added to the CPU cooler is a hold over from the Craigslist computer, it of course is controlled by the motherboard. Game on...


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